Band Date Location Venue Info.
D.O.A. June 30th Vernon, BC Status Night Club  
D.O.A. July 1st Sorrento, BC Crannog Ales Canada Day Party
D.O.A. July 8th Vancouver, BC Khatsilano Street Festival DOA will play on the 4th and Burrard stage at 6:30 PM
D.O.A. July 18th - August 6th - Europe/U.K. Tour 2017
D.O.A. July 18th Belfast N. Ireland Voodoo  
D.O.A. July 19th Derry N. Ireland Sandinos  
D.O.A. July 20th Dublin Ireland The Thomas House  
D.O.A. July 21st Hunxe, Germany Ruhrpott Rodeo  
D.O.A. July 22nd Groningen, Netherlands Lola w/ Round Eye
D.O.A. July 23rd Assendelft, Netherlands Haltpop Festival  
D.O.A. July 24th Dusseldorf, Germany The Tube  
D.O.A. July 25th Karlsruhe, Germany Alte Hackerei  
D.O.A. July 26th Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo  
D.O.A. July 27th Nuremberg, Germany Z-Bau  
D.O.A. July 28th Lodz, Polland Dom w/ MDC
D.O.A. July 29th Berlin, Germany Wild At Heart  
D.O.A. July 31st London, UK New Cross  
D.O.A. August 1st Edinburgh, Scotland Bannermans  
D.O.A. August 2nd Gatehead, England Black Bull  
D.O.A. August 3rd Huddersfield, England Parish  
D.O.A. August 4th Blackpool, England Rebellion  
D.O.A. August 5th Duffel, Belgium Brakrock Festival  
D.O.A. September 28th Powell River, BC The Wildwood  
D.O.A. September 29th Cumberland, BC The Waverley  
D.O.A. September 30th Chemainus, BC Riot Brewery  
D.O.A. October 10th

Windsor, ON

Beer Exchange  
D.O.A. Tour Ontario and Quebec October 10th to October 21st Tour dates TBC
Round Eye June 10th Guangzhou, China SD livehouse
Full Day Punk Fest
"Monstervision EU Tour begins"
Round Eye June 24th Brighton, UK Green Door Store  
Round Eye June 25th Huddersfield, UK The Parish Pub  
Round Eye June 26th Manchester, UK Retro Club  
Round Eye June 27th Glasgow, Scotland Nice 'n' Sleazies  
Round Eye June 28th Leeds, UK Santiago Bar  
Round Eye June 29th London / Dalston, UK Birthdays  
Round Eye June 30th Rome, Italy 360 Gradi  
Round Eye July 1st Pescara, Italy Mamiwata  
Round Eye July 2nd L'Aquila, Italy Casematte  
Round Eye July 3rd Pisa, Italy Circolo Arci San Casciano  
Round Eye July 4th Brescia, Italy Lio Bar  
Round Eye July 5th Turin, Italy Barmando  
Round Eye July 6th Milan, Italy Boccaccio squat w/ M.D.C.
Round Eye July 7th Turin, Italy El Paso Squat w/ M.D.C.
Round Eye July 8th Marseille, France La Salle Gueule  
Round Eye July 9th Andorra, France Hardbreak  
Round Eye July 10th Estartit, Spain Mariscal  
Round Eye July 11th Zaragoza, Spain Avv Arrebato  
Round Eye July 12th Madrid, Spain Funhouse  
Round Eye July 13th Leon, Spain Babylon  
Round Eye July 14th Aviles, Spain Garage  
Round Eye July 15th Toulouse, France Le Champagne  
Round Eye July 16th Paris, France  
Round Eye July 17th Montreuil, France (Paris suburb)  
Round Eye July 18th Zurich, Switzerland Koch Areal Squat  
Round Eye July 19th Weisbaden, Germany Sabot  
Round Eye July 20th Kortrijk, Belgium The Pits  
Round Eye July 21st Amsterdam, Netherlands ADM  
Round Eye July 22nd Groningen, Netherlands Lola w/ D.O.A.
Round Eye July 26th Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom  
Round Eye July 28th Ribe, Denmark Garage Show  
Round Eye July 29th Copenhagen, Denmark Inferno  
Round Eye August 1st Greifswald, Germany JUZ Klex  
Round Eye August 3rd Leipzig, Germany Cafe Manfred  
Round Eye August 4th Chemnitz, Germany Subway to Peter
Round Eye August 5th Berlin, Germany Wild at Heart  
Round Eye August 7th Prague, Czech Republic Sběrné Suroviny  
Round Eye August 8th Krakow, Poland Apoteka  
Round Eye August 9th Ternopil, Ukraine Koza Bar  
Round Eye August 10th Kiev, Ukraine Coschey Bar  
Round Eye August 11th Kalush, Ukraine Maxwell Pub
Round Eye August 12th Budapest, Hungary Gólya  
Round Eye August 13th Szeged, Hungary Jazz Kocsma  
Round Eye August 14th Oradea, Romania Moszkva  
Round Eye August 15th Cluj, Romania La Tevi  
Round Eye August 16th Szekszard, Hungary La Palm Beach  
Round Eye August 17th Gyor, Hungary
Round Eye August 18th Vienna, Austria Venster 99  
Round Eye August 19th Zagreb, Croatia Cafe Sloboda  
Round Eye August 20th Marone (Brescia), Italy Lido Mad Hops  
Round Eye August 21st Bari, Italy Area  
Round Eye Ausgust 22nd Castellana Grotte (Bari), Italy Ritmificio  
Round Eye August 23rd Bari, Italy Pellicano Pub