Band Date Location Venue Info.

D.O.A. June 1st Flagstaff, AZ Fire Creek  
D.O.A. June 2nd Denver, CO Summit Music Hall w/ The Buzzcocks
D.O.A. June 3rd Bozeman, Montana Filling Station  
D.O.A. June 4th Richland, WA Emerald of Siam  
D.O.A. June 23rd Toronto, ON Lee's Palace w/ Flag
D.O.A. June 24th Montebello, QC Amnesia Rock Festival  
D.O.A. June 25th Peterborough, ON The Red Dog  
D.O.A. June 26th Waterloo, ON Maxwell's  
D.O.A. July 8th Bremen Germany Breaking Borders Festival  
D.O.A. July 9th Jarocin, Poland Jarocin Festival  
D.O.A. July 11th Gent, Belgium Den Bristol Squat  
D.O.A. July 12th Paris, France Gibus w/ MDC
D.O.A. July 13th Callac, France Vive Le Punk Festival  
D.O.A. July 14th Weisbaden, Germany Kreativ Fabrik  
D.O.A. July 15th Glaubitz, Germany Back To The Future Festival w/TSOL
D.O.A. July 16th Vienna, Austria Chelsea  
D.O.A. July 17th Prague, Czech Republic Club Buben  
D.O.A. July 19th Copenhagen, Denmark Underwerket  
D.O.A. July 20th Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang  
D.O.A. July 21st Berlin, Germany Wild At Heart  
D.O.A. July 22nd Dusseldorf, Germany The Tube  
D.O.A. July 23rd London, UK New Cross Inn  
D.O.A. July 24th Bristol, UK The Fleece  
D.O.A. July 25th Derby, UK Hairy Dog  
D.O.A. July 26th Antwerp, Belgium Music City  
D.O.A. July 27th Würzburg, Germany Immerhin  
D.O.A. July 28th Vyskov, Czech Republic Podparou Festival  
D.O.A July 29th Horten, Norway Kanal Rock Festival  
D.O.A. August 19th Prince George, BC The Legion  
D.O.A. August 20th Fort St. James, BC Festival  
D.O.A. September 9th Pemberton, BC Pemberton Hotel  
D.O.A. September 10th Vernon, BC Village Green  
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Wednesday June 1st

Fire Creek

Flagstaff, AZ

Thursday June 2nd

Summit Music Hall

Denver, CO

w/ The Buzzcocks

Thursday June 3rd

Filling Station

Bozeman, Montana

Saturday June 4th

Emerald of Siam

Richland, WA

Thursday June 23rd

Lee's Palace

Toronto, ON

w/ Flag

Friday June 24th

Amnesia Rock Festival

Montebello, QC

Saturday June 25th

The Red Dog

Peterborough, ON

Sunday June 26th


Waterloo, ON

Friday July 8th

Breaking Borders Festival

Bremen Germany

Saturday July 9th

Jarocin Festival

Jarocin, Poland

Monday July 11th

Den Bristol Squat

Gent, Belgium

Tuesday July 12th


Paris, France

w/ MDC

Wednesday July 13th

Vive Le Punk Festival

Callac, France

Thursday July 14th

Kreativ Fabrik

Weisbaden, Germany

Friday July 15th

Back To The Future Festival

Glaubitz, Germany


Saturday July 16th


Vienna, Austria

Sunday July 17th

Club Buben

Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday July 19th


Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday July 20th


Hamburg, Germany

Thursday July 21st

Wild At Heart

Berlin, Germany

Friday July 22nd

The Tube

Dusseldorf, Germany

Saturday July 23rd

New Cross Inn

London, UK

Sunday 24th

The Fleece

Bristol, UK

Monday July 25th

Hairy Dog

Derby, UK

Tuesday July 26th

Music City

Antwerp, Belgium

Wednesday July 27th

Immerhin, Würzburg


Thursday July 28th

Podparou Festival

Vyskov, Czech Republic

Friday July 29th

Kanal Rock Festival

Horten, Norway

Friday August 19th

The Legion

Prince George, BC

Saturday August 20th


Fort St. James, BC

Friday September 9th

Pemberton Hotel

Pemberton, BC

Saturday September 10th

Village Green

Vernon, BC


More Dates TBA

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