D.O.A.'s album "Hardcore 81" has been named #86 in the top 100 Canadian albums of all time by CBC Radio! You can see the website with the top 100 below.



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Sudden Death Records is pleased to be reissuing the classic D.O.A. album "War on 45" for the 30th Anniversary of it's release.



To get your copy today, click HERE.

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A new interview with Joe Keithley has been posted on the Blurt website.

Check it out!

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D.O.A. had 2 fantastic nights at The Rickshaw Theatre with some great opening acts and incredible guest appearances. Several people have written articles about the shows and farewell tour as well as taken photos of D.O.A. and the supporting acts.

Some of the articles and photos are:

Allan MacInnis has written an article for The Straight - Click Here

An article printed in Exclaim! Magazine by Alan Ranta can be found here: Click Here

Jamie Taylor has posted some beautiful photos on Concertaddicts.com - Click Here

Shawn Connor wrote an article for Inside Vancouver: Click Here

Mark Svensson posted a video of "I Hate You" on YouTube: Click Here

Stuart Derdeyn wrote an article for The Province: Click Here

We hope that everyone had a great time at the Vancouver shows and we hope to see you at some point on this final tour.

Thanks to everyone for the great press!



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Joe Keithley's Road to Punk and Politics
NDP candidate hopeful for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain wants to bring DIY ethics to BC's legislature.
By Rachel Bergen

Read Rachel's article here: http://goto.thetyee.ca/t?ctl=16C4B47:E3347F6BEA10A0438154093BEB53A14A8F7D795DAFB9E650&
Thursday, January 03, 2013

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A new review has been posted online for D.O.A.'s newest cd "We Come In Peace"

"Classic. Essential. Legendary. All good - and accurate - ways to describe D.O.A. Dig this new album on their own Sudden Death Records, reviewed by The Impaler below for Mass Movement 34, a work in progress. Come on… give punk a chance.

We Come In Peace' is as much a declaration of D.O.A.'s mission on this, the band's 14th studio album of all-new material, as it is a way to identify this collection of songs by serving as the album's title. Always a fiercely political band, D.O.A. have upped the ante here by jumping headfirst into the fray of the messy and chaotic shit-storm that is today's less-than-stable worldwide political environment, tackling the financial crisis, the Occupy movement, shady dealings by top officials, systemic bigotry, and other important issues – both those that have been ripped from the headlines and those that have been culled from buried stories and the underground press."

Read the rest of the review here: http://theimpalerspeaks.com/post/31519877754/2012-09-14-doa-we-come-in-peace

To order your copy today, click HERE.

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A new review has been posted online for D.O.A.'s newest cd "We Come In Peace" by bbarratt at http://reviews.wruv.org/

"D.O.A- We Come In Peace
Release date: 2012Jul22
Label: Sudden Death Records
Rating: 5/5

When it comes to hardcore, few bands have stood the test of time as well as D.O.A have. They've managed to remain politically relevant in an age where other bands have lost their edge and their venom. It would not be a D.O.A album if it were not a narrative on the current affairs in the world. "He's Got A Gun" throws a catchy, old-school vibe to back up lyrics that concern school shootings"

Read the rest of the review here: http://reviews.wruv.org/2012/08/we-come-in-peace/

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We thought you'd like to know that a post about "We Come In Peace" by D.O.A. has recently been published on the New Canadian Music website.


Check the site out if you have a chance.

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D.O.A. - WE OCCUPY 7”single Limited Edition of 1000 - Available April 20th

We Occupy is the first single from D.O.A.'s new studio album We Come In Peace. The godfathers of hardcore have teamed up with their pal JELLO BIAFRA, to produce an anthem for our age. We Occupy, perhaps surprisingly to the uninitiated, is an upbeat ska based tune, with plenty of D.O.A. rock guitar to power it along. But it's the lyrics that really make it shake. Punk pioneer JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY, a big backer of OCCUPY WALL STREET, tells it like it is, we're getting ripped off by the greedy and powerful. Joe asked his long time friend, the incomparable JELLO BIAFRA to sing on the song. JELLO, no stranger to taking on pompous asses and authority quickly agreed. The combo is powerful and timely.

The B side is Who The Hell Do You Think You Are, JOE wrote the music for this at the behest of playwright MICHAEL SCHOLAR, who's play Hardcore Logo: Live is an adaptation of MICHAEL TURNER'S underground classic book Hardcore Logo ( also a film by BRUCE MCDONALD). JOE took the lyrics in TURNER'S book about a fictional punk rock band and came up with a great song. Who The Hell Do You Think Are is an instant punk rock, beery, sing-a-long. This b side will not be included on We Come In Peace.

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New Book

Joe Shithead's new book "Talk-Action=0" an illustrated history of D.O.A. will be released on June 1st, 2011. Make sure to visit www.suddendeath.com to order the book along with the new re-issues of Hardcore '81 and Something Better Change starting in 3 weeks!

Click here to order your copy now!

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We are set to re-release 2 of AMP Magazine's "top five Canadian punk albums of all time”. In the coming weeks we will be releasing remastered versions of Hardcore '81 and Something Better Change.

Hardcore 81 - CD and LP

30th Anniversary Limited Edition 12 “ Blue Vinyl
1000 Copies Only
Restored to Original State
Includes 22’ x 33” original Hardcore 81 Poster



Musical Interlude
I Don’t Give a Shit
Communication Breakdown
001 Loser’s Club
Fucked Up Baby
The Kenny Blister Song
Smash The State
My Old man’s a Bum
Bloodsucker Baby
Waiting For You

“Between Something Better Change and Hardcore 81, you pretty well have two of the top five Canadian punk albums of all time” – AMP MAGAZINE

This is it! The godfather of hardcore from D.O.A., Canada’s legendary punk pioneers. This is the album that popularized and pushed the term ‘hardcore” into the common vernacular. For Hardcore 81’s 30th Anniversary we have restored D.O.A’s blistering second album to its original state and released it as a limited edition 12” blue vinyl disc. As well we have restored the original poster that came with the album, it’s a 22” x 33’ poster showing that great line up of Joey Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg in action…indeed the Men of Action.

Something Better Change - CD and LP

30th Anniversary Limited Edition 12 “Green Vinyl
1000 Copies Only
Restored to Original State
Includes the Two Original Inserts
CD has a new 12 page booklet full of photos and posters


New Age
The Enemy
Get Out of My Life
Woke Up Screaming
Last Night
Great White Hope
The Prisoner
Rich Bitch
Take a Chance
Whatcha Gonna Do?
World War 3
and the hidden bonus track
New Wave Sucks

We have gone back in time and restored one of punk’s seminal albums, Something Better Change and released it on limited edition green vinyl. You also get original the lyric sheet insert and the original foldout insert with pics of Joey Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg. For D.O.A.’s first album’s 30th anniversary we have released it simultaneously with its companion album Hardcore 81.

“Between Something Better Change and Hardcore 81, you pretty well have two of the top five Canadian punk albums of all time” – AMP MAGAZINE

Click here to order your copies today!
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D.O.A. - “Smash The State. The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81” DVD Review

DVDs tend to bore me shitless, but this release is a welcome change as it kept me interested. This is not some super-sleek Pink Floyd type film! Much of the footage is extremely raw as it is taken from numerous performances during a time when filming shows was not of today’s quality. Many of the songs have a bootleg type of feel, but this actually adds to the feeling as it is as though you are back in 1979. All your early D.O.A. hardcore favorites are here: “America The Beautiful”, “World War 3”, “New Age”, “Disco Sucks” as well as improvised tunes like “Strat Man”. There is a great bonus scene of the band miming in the studio to “World War 3” for some TV show, maybe it was not meant to be funny but it kinda turned out that way. Joe’s voice is as rough as ever and the songs are still relevant to this day. “Smash The State. The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81” DVD is an excellent reminder of how things were for these Canadian punk rockers. Amazingly they are one of the few bands that are as good today as they were when they started. Long live D.O.A. (www.suddendeath.com )

Reviewed by Billy Bad Breaks

Order the Smash The State DVD HERE .

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SUDDEN DEATH RECORDS and MVD VISUAL are pleased to announce the release of D.O.A.’S THE MEN OF ACTION 30TH ANNIVERSARY DVD for worldwide distribution August 18, 2009.

D.O.A. Canada’s legendary punks and the originators of hardcore, have produced an extraordinary DVD that covers the band’s 30 year career. It’s an essential collection of songs and punk/activist stories.

The DVD consists of 26 songs, 10 that are band produced storyline videos and 16 that are live productions. There are two ways to view the DVD: the Chaos Program features the music videos straight up, while the Anarchy Program features JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY, Canada’s godfather of punk, telling the story of D.O.A. and punk activism in general as the videos play.

This anniversary package also includes as a bonus, D.O.A.’S critically acclaimed new album Northern Avenger, produced by the legendary BOB ROCK. The album has received rave reviews around the world. You also get a 12 page booklet that includes rare photos of D.O.A. On the DVD itself there are some hilarious hidden tracks.

See how The Men of Action influenced 3 generations of fans and musicians including GREEN DAY, NIRVANA, RANCID, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, HENRY ROLLINS, JELLO BIAFRA, SOUND GARDEN, and SONIC YOUTH to name a few.

D.O.A. The Men of Action indeed.

To order the dvd now, please click here.
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The Playlist for the Planet is now up on iTunes and in stores, ready for David Suzuki’s 75th birthday this Thursday March 24th!

Click HERE to view the YouTube promo, or click HERE to go directly to iTunes and purchase the cd. $14.99 gets all 30 songs and supports the David Suzuki Foundation.

Playlist for the Planet

New D.O.A. track "We Won't Give In" from the album Talk - Action = 0 is featured on the new benefit album "Playlist For The Planet". Watch Joe's promo video here.

David Suzuki has been a tireless advocate for the environment for over 30 years, and D.O.A. is proud to be helping his foundation save what's left of this world.

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