D.O.A. - “Smash The State. The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81” DVD Review

DVDs tend to bore me shitless, but this release is a welcome change as it kept me interested. This is not some super-sleek Pink Floyd type film! Much of the footage is extremely raw as it is taken from numerous performances during a time when filming shows was not of today’s quality. Many of the songs have a bootleg type of feel, but this actually adds to the feeling as it is as though you are back in 1979. All your early D.O.A. hardcore favorites are here: “America The Beautiful”, “World War 3”, “New Age”, “Disco Sucks” as well as improvised tunes like “Strat Man”. There is a great bonus scene of the band miming in the studio to “World War 3” for some TV show, maybe it was not meant to be funny but it kinda turned out that way. Joe’s voice is as rough as ever and the songs are still relevant to this day. “Smash The State. The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81” DVD is an excellent reminder of how things were for these Canadian punk rockers. Amazingly they are one of the few bands that are as good today as they were when they started. Long live D.O.A. (www.suddendeath.com )

Reviewed by Billy Bad Breaks

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