DOA / Potbelly Live 12" Split
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DOA / Potbelly Live 12" Split

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D.O.A. / POTBELLY Split 12" Live Vinyl - The Vagabond Sessions

One night in a heavily treed area in the wilds of the Pacific North West came a a gathering of sound and fury!

That was the night that Canada's legendary D.O.A. pulled out all the stops with their comrades POTBELLY: Oak Harbor, Washington's fast rising punk band. Hundreds of rabid fans crammed into a converted storage locker they call Vagabond. The kids were wild as this strange setting and it seemed protected by a force field, so their pagan rituals went went undetected by the Oak Harbor police in this conservative air force town. POTBELLY wailed away and the session was recorded on a 16 track recording desk. Then D.O.A. appeared out of the fog and chopped everyone in their path with classic songs like: I HATE YOU, TO HELL N" BACK, FUCK YOU  and FUCKED UP RONNIE.

It was an evening not to be forgotten and this limited edition 12" slab of vinyl makes sure it won't be. This session will not be released on CD and there are only 1000 available and it will not be repressed. If you love rock, get it now!

Track listing:

Side A - D.O.A.
1. I Hate You
2. To Hell and Back
3. Disco Sucks
4. The Prisoner
5. Fuck You
6. Fucked Up Ronnie

Side B - Potbelly
1. Wrath
2. Farewell
3. Trickled-Down Drunkenomics
4. I Quit
5. Invalid Prescription Code: U.S.A.
6. A Plague Called Man
7. Chosen Few